October 30, 2011

All-American Hamburgers

About every to week, we host a Sunday evening hamburger dinner inviting our friends to taste the classic American hamburger. While we don't have a grill, the burgers taste authentic enough with our secret ingredient, Worcestershire sauce.

Most friends have only eaten a hamburger at McDonald's or KFC (which is actually a chicken sandwich, but that's another post). They have never tried making hamburgers at home. It's so simple ad normal for us, yet such a treat for our friends.

With all the food on the table, we led our friends through the steps of assembling their burgers. First, explaining the options of mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard. Then meat and cheese. And finally any veggie they think would taste good. Add a side of baked potato wedges and some pink lemonade and we have a classic all-American meal.

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