September 27, 2011

Monopoly deal breaker & grace

Have you ever played Monopoly Deal? I played for the first time this week. The game is simple, collect three complete sets of property and you win. Turn after turn, I collect cards, save money, and use action cards to gain an advantage.

Pass Go and draw two more cards.
Sly Deal - take any one property from another player
Debt Collector - all players pay me 5 million dollars
Forced Deal - Force a trade with another player, property for property
Deal Breaker - Take one complete set of properties from any other player

The first time M'Lynn used the Deal Breaker card during our game, I was furious. She stole my property. I worked so hard collecting property cards to gain the complete set. It took me many turns before I finally had all the cards to complete the set. Then she just gets to take the set away from me. For what? What do I get in return? Nothing. Absolutely nothing! She didn't earn the cards! She just took them!

Then I began thinking. This Deal Breaker card is much like grace. Unmerited grace from God. He gives grace, favor, blessing to everyone. Many times as I see others being blessed, or receiving favor I get jealous. What have they done to deserve that favor? They haven't earned it. Look at me, how I worked for it, I should receive something. Where's my favor? Then I realize that it's not about our works. God gives grace freely. We don't have to earn the grace. I, myself, was freely given this grace too. I've earned nothing and am just as sinful as everyone else. I've rebelled against God by my words and deeds, in commission and omission. I don't deserve grace any more than anyone else. I'm the recipient of the complete work of Jesus on the cross. God chooses to give me this deal out of love, unmerited. Amazing!

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