July 4, 2011

When traveling alone

By M'Lynn

After traveling alone with the kids, I discovered there are quite a few things Jeremy does when we travel that I never have to think about...unless I'm on my own!
  • shove suitcases through x-ray machines @ the airport
  • carry the stroller onto the plane and toss it into the overhead bin (this was really fun because I was also carrying my backpack and corbin and dragging the stroller bag behind me. china southern didn't check it at the gate.)
  • keep up with all the passports and boarding passes
  • fill out China departure cards and American customs forms (really...how do you fill out a customs form on the plane with Corbin on your lap? Stand up, put him on the seat and then fill it out while standing)
  • roll the cart of suitcases through the customs line (hard to do when you're pushing a stroller as well and trying to convince Kanyon he can walk even though he's saying "I'm sleeeeeeeeeeeeepy!")
  • install carseats in the car
  • set up the pack-n-play so corbin can sleep (seriously took me 20 minutes and then I gave up until someone else came in and read the directions. I hadn't slept in 35 hours. pack-n-play vs. me. Pack-n-play won that round)

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jodi said...

aww.. thank heavens for husbands that do all the background work and carseat stuff ;) love the pic of u m'lynn figuring out the carseat.. hehe the boys are already looking bigger! tell them auntie jo jo says hi!! :D

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