June 10, 2011

Celebrate With Us

Next week I'll be giving semester reviews to all my classes. WOW! This semester has flown by and is winding down as we speak. With that, there is much to celebrate, prepare for, and remember.

Celebrate! Celebrate with us for the healthy baby girl born to our friend Cherry. We wrote earlier about Cherry's struggles in being a Christian in the local medical system. She handled it with grace and we celebrate with her. We are excited to bless her young family with our used baby items and frequent visits. We've also learned a lot about the Chinese culture and traditions for a new mother. Cherry was required (by tradition) to stay inside for the first 30 days after the birth. Other culture tidbits from the first 30 days include no brushing your hair, no showers, and no brushing your teeth. In Cherry's words after the first 30 days when she visited our apartment, "I've been released." This new birth is reason to celebrate.

Celebrate! Celebrate with us for the growth of relationships. Many different students have shown interest in truth and an openness that was previously not there. This is exciting! We've seen hearts and minds transformed! New life is reason to celebrate.

Prepare! Prepare for our visit to the states this summer. M'Lynn is returning June 21 with the kids to prepare for her sister's wedding. Jeremy is returning June 30 after grading all his exams. We are preparing the schedule, printing photos, making videos, and packing our bags. We're excited to visit family, friends, and as many people as we can. We'll keep you posted (on the website) about when and where we'll be this summer. Visiting America, another reason to celebrate.

Remember! Remember M'Lynn and the kids as they travel home alone and Jeremy as he stays behind traveling 10 days later.
Remember the final weeks of the semester as we finish strong, host meals, and continue discussion that have been a year in the making.
Remember our summer schedule preparations.
Remember that we are all part of the Father's wonderful plan for creation!


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