June 1, 2011

Hotel Ibis

Check out the great deal we found at Hotel Ibis ($28/¥189 a night for a family room). I did have to do a bit of persuading to convince the front desk staff that we had reserved a room at this price on the internet the night before and should therefore not be charged at their posted rate that is ¥40 more! But the hotel was quite a nice surprise. It was a free-standing 6 story building surrounded by a parking lot. A strange sight in China! Kanyon had his own little bed and Corbin was comfy in his pea pod. The room, though clean and comfortable, was pretty small and reminded me of a cruise ship cabin. The bathroom was just some sort of drop-in plastic insert including a shower, toilet and vanity!

The second morning of our trip, we were awakened at 5:45 am by the sound of a large crowd and kids running up and down the hall! “What in the world is going on out there?!” we exclaimed as we checked the time. Later, the leftover evidence of “double happy” paper cutouts, confetti & sunflower seed shells in the four rooms surrounding ours and the typical wedding balloons outside the hotel showed we had fallen victim to a Chinese wedding. It seems someone had begun their wedding day (the part where the bride and friends hide in her home and the groom and friends come to get her and drive away to the sounds of loud music) at our hotel instead of their home!

Guest Blogger: M'Lynn

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