November 7, 2010

Telephone Pictionary

If you haven't played this game, you might want to try it sometime. It's quite simple and the results can be hilarious.
  1. Get a group of friends and sit comfortable in a circle. Each person needs a pen/pencil and a stack of paper pieces (if there are 8 people, each person gets 8 pieces).

  2. Each person write a crazy sentence on the first piece of paper. (Ex. The elephant rode the train while drinking a latte.) Then passes their stack of papers to the next person.

  3. Person 2 reads the sentence, and then puts that piece of paper to the back of the stack.

  4. On the next piece of paper, Person 2 draws a picture of the crazy sentence and then passes the stack of papers to Person 3.

  5. Person 3 looks at the picture, puts the picture to the back, and then writes a sentence describing the picture.

  6. This continues until the stack of papers has made its way around the circle and back to the original person.

  7. Now read the hilarious morphing of your original sentence through the series of drawings and interpretations.

When we played, my sentence was just not crazy enough to morph as much as others. It is crazy to see how great some of the pictures were compared with mine stick figure drawings. Next time you're in a group with nothing to do with your extra pens and paper, give this game a try.

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