November 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Kanyon

We celebrated Kanyon's 3rd birthday this weekend.

It began by opening the parents' present, a new helmet and pads to keep him safe as he rides his motorcycle. He's taken two naps and slept through the night 3 times wearing the full get-up, pads and all.

Next up, a trip to McDonald's. We ordered our food and made our way to the play area. We hadn't previously shown Kanyon the slide upstairs at McDonald's so it was a nice surprise for him. And there were two boys playing there as well, all the more fun!

Home for cake and more presents before we wrapped up the night trying to get him to bed for about 2 hours. I really don't think there's a good time to feed a kid cake and give him new toys.

Now Kanyon still insists that he's "not yet" three years old. He'll be three "after Corbin's cake."

Click here to view the photos from the birthday party.

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