October 4, 2010

All Toys Are Not Equal

Sophie was a great companion. We managed to travel all around Texas all summer long without losing Sophie. Kanyon and Corbin sat in the back seat of the car and fought over Sophie. Then during the last week in America, we experience the loss of Sophie the giraffe.

The airplane ride to China was lonely without Sophie to keep the kids company. Little did we know that Sophie would soon be replaced.

On my first day of class, students excitingly approached my desk with a gift for my kids, a rubber chicken! What a thoughtful gift from my students!

I took the yet-to-be-named chicken home. Immediately Kanyon and Corbin were afraid. And when I squeezed the chicken to reveal the awful dying sound, they were more afraid than before.

I've since removed the "squeaker" and the chicken is much more lovely.

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jodi said...

... i didn't know i could leave comments before! ahh the first of many ;) i love that rubber chicken. so random and great in every way... they will also learn to love it too, i think ;)

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