September 12, 2010

Do you want customer advice?

We got paid this week and our first purchase was more baby wipes! But before we bought the wipes, we went to the Bank of China ATM to withdraw some cash. We purchase everything in cash (even though debit cards are becoming more common in the large department stores).

I insert my ATM card in the machine and select "English" so I can read the rest of the menu options. Everything works perfectly as I enter my PIN, select the account, enter the amount, and receive the cash.

"Do you want customer advice?"

Huh? What exactly does this mean? I guess I want some advice so I press "Yes."

"Please take your advice."

Advice, should this be printed on the screen? Or maybe the nice automated voice will soon dispense the advice. No advice yet. Then I look to the right of the ATM machine and take my advice printed nicely on a piece of paper.

Today, I learned "advice" means "receipt" in someone's Chinese-English dictionary.

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