August 8, 2010

Gramma Camp 2010 UPDATE

We survived Gramma Camp 2010 and had a blast doing it! Gramma was able to get 16 of the 17 grandchildren together for the week of crafts and dominoes.

It sure has changed over the 12 years of camping. Some of the differences include:
  1. The grandkids now eat less than before because most of them have finished growing and are now concerned with their diets.
  2. No longer is there a craft a day, but instead there are 2-3 mandatory crafts to be completed before the end of the week.
  3. The grandkids make late night runs to Walmart to get more craft paint driving their own cars.
  4. The slide and slide has grown from a kid friendly 20 feet to over 20 yards!
  5. When finished with the shaving cream fight the ladies grab a razor to shave their legs!
  6. And the grandkids now clean up the mess when the week is over.

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