August 31, 2010

First Days Back: Harbin

Our living room floor is covered with toys and clothes. Toys from the boxes Kanyon and Corbin have discovered like Christmas morning and spread all over the apartment. Clothes from the bottomless suitcase we're trying to unpack. One day, hopefully soon, this place will again look like our home.

We arrived back in Harbin on Sunday and have since been unpacking, settling, and slowly making the apartment feel more homey. I guess it feels homey now if you like messy rooms with clothes and toys everywhere.

Sunday and Monday have been filled with showing our new teammates around the campus. Yesterday our list included helping our teammates open a bank account, sign contracts, meet the FAO, explore our teaching office and English library, purchase a local mobile number, order lunch, go to the nearest supermarket, meet new floor mates and colleagues, and set an appointment for physical exams. We finished the night as a team thanking the Father for placing us together here in Harbin.

While this week is busy, it's vital to get grow together as a team (and take care of all the little things that make living in Harbin feel like home). We won't care so much if we don't get our bags unpacked this week and the toys remain everywhere as long as we are growing closer as a team.

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