July 8, 2010

The summer so far...

Well, one bag lost a wheel and we lost one little green army guy somewhere on the airplane, but we've made it back to the states with both kids and all our luggage. The adjustments been great. We've only been in public twice, Wal-mart once to buy diapers and a convenience store to get a drink.

Kanyon's had a blast playing outside and with friends. He's adjustment's been great too with naps and night time. Some strange things created Kanyon's greatest quotes:

When getting his diaper changed in the airport bathroom (and again on the airplane), Kanyon's screams, "That's a bad idea, mommy!"

While playing at a friend's house he was asked if he'd like to have a popsicle. Kanyon's response, a blank stare. He had never heard of a popsicle before.

When the popsicle was given to him opened and ready to eat, Kanyon took one bite and said, "That's a bad idea."

While sitting outside at the patio table and a fly lands on his foot, "SSSSCCCRRREEEAAAMMM!!!"

After M'Lynn sliced up an avocado and put it on his plate for lunch, Kanyon responds, "I don't want that green poop."

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