May 20, 2010

The Week So Far: Wednesday

Wednesday: Begins with a men's time of reflection sharing needs and blessings. Then it's the ladies turn. They headed out to the library coffee shop for one last meeting before one departs. I stayed home to "babysit" the kids as M'Lynn enjoyed the time with the girls. I don't think it's called babysitting when they're my own children. When she returned, M'Lynn was wired because the coffee was extra strong.

In the evening, we all headed to a wedding restaurant for a banquet hosted by our Ayi, her son, and his wife. The restaurant was fancy with giant banquet rooms, and a huge banquet hall for wedding receptions. Zhou Jie knows what we like because she cooks for all the foreigners each day, so she ordered the best dishes yet! It was awesome to see Zhou Jie interact with her family (and with our kids).

During the dinner, the waitresses provided a bed for Corbin to sleep and entertained Kanyon when we was finished. A restaurant with a baby bed, that's incredible!

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