May 20, 2010

The Week So Far: Saturday & Sunday

Saturday: A Sabbath day of rest. We played together, watched movies, and then reflected together as a team watching a great video podcast.

Sunday: Botanical Gardens with KFC and our teammates. The served as one last outing before some teammates depart for America next week. (The wife and 4 kids will return to the states on May 26 for an early summer holiday.) It was great to get outside and watch the flowers bloom right before our eyes. The weather cooperated and so did the cameramen, they stayed away mostly. The cameramen stayed away after we told them, "We're here to relax, not to take photos." Kanyon didn't want to leave the park, but he was worn out enough to take a good nap.

We continued the Sunday events by hosting students in our apartment to watch 'Friends'. We loved the students playing with Kanyon and Corbin before we began the show. While watching Friends, the students noted questions they had regarding culture, phrases, and idioms. During the show, Kanyon put toothpicks in every piece of watermelon we had for the students to eat. The students loved the show "The one with the cheese cake (Season 7 Episode 11).

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