May 10, 2010

Volume 4, Issue 5

Seven weeks remain and another year in China comes to a close. Seven weeks? Really? And we’ve completed our second year in China already?

Wow! It’s that time again when we finish up the work set before us this term with students and teammates and head back to the states to visit all of you. (And introduce you to Corbin!) It’s like a giant tug of war tugging at our heart, emotions, thoughts, and desires. It’s stretching us, and it’s good being stretched by the Father.

Giant Tug of War

This time of year, we are caught in the middle of a giant tug of war. One direction is tugging us to look ahead at our summer travels, time in the states, and our new teammates for the fall term. On the other end, we’re tugged to finish the work set before us these last six weeks of class.

We need your help. Please remember us. We desire to be fully engaged with students here in the classroom and during our other visits. And we desire to be fully prepared for the summer travels/events we see set before us. We want what the Father wants both now and for the summer.

As we finish this semester, we continue to engage the students in activities outside the classroom. We have a weekly Life Education course and discussion, a monthly English coffee house, and are possibly beginning a weekly discussion group at our home. We know the Father is using each of these events (and the ordinary classroom) to bring glory to His name. Please remember each of these seeds planted and watered as the term winds to a close.

As we prepare for the summer travels, we arrange our schedule trying to personally visit and thank as many friends and family as we possibly can during two months. There are so many people for whom we’re thankful. Thank you all for your support this year. You can help us out. If you’d like to meet with us, please send us an email, message us on Facebook, or call our phone number (it’s a local call for all you Midland folks). We’d love to meet with you and share our passion for China.

Looking forward yet being fully in the present, that’s where we are.

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