May 21, 2010

31 Leg Race

One of the crazy events of the Sports Day is the "31 Leg Race." Tie the legs of 30 students together and have the student run 50 meters as fast as they can. Watch out! If everyone's not synced together, then the trouble begins.

I got roped into one of these funny events. The foreign teachers needed one more participate for the basketball roll. This event involved 12 people standing together as closely as possible forming a tunnel between their legs. The first person in line rolls the ball between the legs and the last person catches the ball and runs to the front to roll the ball again. Once everyone has rolled the ball, the event is over. The team that finishes first wins!

There's no video for finishing last place in the basketball roll, but we do have video of the 31 leg race.

31 Leg Race (0:59 minutes)

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