April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

We hosted some Freshmen girls to our apartment for Easter egg dying.

The girls were really into dying the eggs. When I was mixing in the vinegar, water, and dye, the girls immediately corrected me when I mixed the vinegar with the pink tablet.

"No, not with the pink one!" the girls corrected.
"Why not?" I questioned having done this every year since I was little.
"The instructions say add vinegar to every color except the pink one!"

After all these years, I finally learned the instructions for Easter egg dye!

It was great to see them experiment with the colors even mixing them together trying to create the perfect egg. (As a note, when you mix the colors together the egg comes out looking like the regular brown eggs available all over China.)

As we're dying the eggs, we tell the Easter story to these girls. Our hope is the story will take root in their hearts now and when they are ready for more truth, they will remember the story.

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