March 29, 2010

Beer Machine

Our apartment building is undergoing a transformation. First, there’s now video advertisements as we wait for the elevator. There are even some cords in the elevator as if the screens are coming inside the elevators as well. On the front steps of the building, they’ve added two giant new red lanterns to celebrate the New Year (and just as quickly took them away after the New Year leaving behind the dangling wires).

But the greatest addition by far is found in the building’s lobby, a new vending machine. This is no ordinary vending machine with chips and candy; this is truly one of a kind. It’s a beer vending machine!

As the installation was in process, we teased the guards about what would be in the machine. He held up two kinds of beer. I asked politely about some Sprite and he only held up the beer.

UPDATE: The beer machine does still have beer but some other goodies have been added. There’s now box milk, Snickers in a two pack, a Nestle coffee drink, Coca-cola, and Sprite! Now everything's sold out except the coffee drink and I don't imagine the machine getting filled anytime soon. That proves it, foreign students in China prefer beer over coffee!

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