February 27, 2010

Stuck on a Bus

Well almost stuck on a bus.

We went on our weekly date this morning and decided to take a bus to a local coffee shop. We bundled up ourselves and Corbin (now we know we've been married for a while when a date with only one kid is a real treat) and headed out on a bus.

The roads were slick with a fresh coat of ice. It looked like it has sleeted last night and it made the going slow. Our bus driver tried to take a short cut around traffic at a light on a one lane side road when we found ourselves in a little situation.

The bus in front of us was stuck on the ice and couldn't move. Now our bus was stuck behind the first one. What do we do? Do we wait for the first bus to get un-stuck? Or do we jump off the bus and find a taxi?

We choose the later but quickly realized a taxi was hard to find. We waited and waited always looking back at the stuck buses to see if we made the right decision. We waited some more, and then the buses started to move. We raced up the street, still carrying Corbin in an infant seat, to the next bus stop.

We laughed when we thought of boarding the same bus we just jumped off trying to take our own short cut. We boarded a different bus and made the rest of the journey to the coffee shop without incident.

This made me think. How many times do I do this with the Father? I try to take control of a situation and rush ahead on my own short cut. I am reminded to completely trust the Father has the best plan and path for my life.

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