January 10, 2010

Things Seen From the Taxi

As we returned home from our date (note: the date was still with Corbin, but seemed like a date because we didn’t have to police Kanyon the whole time we were out), this is what we saw from our taxi window:
  • 3 buses broken down
  • One bus crowded to the max on the side of the road without a driver
  • Elderly man on hands and knees in the snow begging for money
  • A Russian lady in a fur head to toe
  • Woman walking in stiletto heels on the icy sidewalk
  • A man dressed as a giant dog
  • A four-tiered wedding cake
  • One sweet Jaguar
  • Harbin Beer loaded on a tricycle bike (coming soon, another post of everything we've seen on the back of a tricycle bike)

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