January 26, 2010

Red Pickup Truck

The more time we spend time in Chiang Mai, the more we travel around the city in song taos. A song tao is a red pickup truck outfitted to carry passengers in the bed.

When we arrived at the airport here with our three bags, stroller and two kids, we jumped in the back of a read song tao with two other passengers and all our bags. Crammed yes, but we made it to our hotel with all our bags.

Now song taos are a daily experience for us. Song taos come at one price, no meter and no bargaining (unless you’re going somewhere really out of the way). Simply tell the driver where you’re going, jump in the back, and when your there, pay 20 baht per person.

Kanyon loves riding in the back. Every breakfast, he requests, “Ride in a pickup truck.” And everyday we’ve obliged travel around in the little red pickup trucks.

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