January 22, 2010

Home-style Eating

We went to Pete’s Tex-Mex Restaurant today to get some good home cooking bringing us back to our days of eating real Tex-Mex. As we were eating, I noticed we were eating as most American do. M’Lynn ordered her chicken kabobs and I ordered Chicken Fried Steak. We each had our big plate sitting in front of us and ate happily only sharing occasionally as Kanyon asked for more meat.

Then I looked at the family sitting to our right. The three of them each had a little plate in front of them. They ordered their meal and waited for the food. The first entrée was spaghetti. Each member served some spaghetti onto their plate and ate happily. Next came pizza and then and steak with a baked potato. Again, each would cut off a piece of the entrée and eat their portion. (M’Lynn and I didn’t share food until the very end when there were leftovers and we asked each other, “Do you want this?”)

The other family even shared Coca-colas. They ordered 2 Cokes for 3 people. Maybe one day we’ll share food with more than our children. But until then, “Joey doesn’t share food!”

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