January 4, 2010

Freeze Dried Clothes

Normal: Clothes drying on the balcony

We had an interesting battle going on yesterday in our house. Our housekeeper said our house was too cold and that we needed to close the balcony door and window. The balcony is enclosed (or obviously we'd keep the door and window shut at all times) but it is not heated. We keep the door and window open to cool off the rest of the house. Without this added cooling, our apartment would be too toasty and it's quite toasty even with it open.

Being very indirect, the housekeeper would close the door when we weren't looking. The battle ensued with M'Lynn returning the favor and opening the door when the housekeeper was not watching. This battle continued all morning.

Yet another reason to keep the door and window is to dry our clothes. With the balcony closed off it serves as an additional freezer and we'd have freeze dried clothes!

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