November 2, 2009

Zhongguo 中国

If you’ve paid attention to last week’s post, you’ll probably figure this one out. Zhongguo means “China” in Chinese.

Zhong 中 means middle
Guo 国 means country,kingdom, or land

Zhong was one of the first characters we could read because it’s so simple. And since we already knew guo, these were an easy pick-up. Add the ren 人 character to the end of the phrase it means Chinese person/people (Zhongguoren 中国人). Since there are no plurals in Chinese, the context will tell you if you are referring to a single Chinese or a multitude.

Another funny coincidence? Our last hometown in Texas is the direct translation of Zhongguo into English. Did you figure it out yet? We were meant to be here!

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