November 11, 2009

Volume 3, Issue 11

Hello from Beijing!

The semester of teaching has come to a close and the waiting has begun. We are excited about the arrival of Baby #2! It’s much like Christmas Eve every day. When will he come? Is it today? Maybe tomorrow?

We are thankful for all your prayer support this semester. We feel strengthened and encourage daily knowing you guys are standing with us in this great adventure.

The Big Wait

Let the wait begin! We arrived in Beijing this past weekend and are now in a holding pattern until Baby #2 arrives. Just being here in the city calms our nerves as we don’t have to worry about having the baby in Harbin. And M’Lynn isn’t so anxious to get on the airplane.

While waiting for the arrival, we are spending a good amount of time setting up the apartment here at the Mac. The Mac is our company’s great office building and guest house in Beijing. We’ve rented an apartment for a month and are making it feel like home. Not that it requires much because the accommodations are great. We often compare staying at the Mac to staying at our mom’s house. It just feels that comfortable and cozy.

We have an awesome doctor from Australia that we are seeing every week until the delivery. Please remember these visits and the timing of Baby #2. The doctor is traveling to Australia from November 13-23 for his son’s wedding. We would love for the baby to wait until after he returns.

Our company’s staff here in Beijing is planning a huge event for Thanksgiving with a huge turkey and all the fixins. We hope to be able to join the celebration, but may be unable to depending on the new arrival. It’s funny how we are predicting Baby #2 will arrive on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving just as Kanyon did 2 years ago.

Please remember each of these huge prayer requests. Prenatal care as we travel to and from the hospital. Arranging a driver to take us to the hospital when the time comes. The safe labor and delivery of the new baby. Adjusting to life with 2 children. Favor in the government offices as we file paperwork for passport, visa, and residence permit. And finally safe travel back home to Harbin.

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