November 8, 2009

Ode to the Swine Flu

Before we took off on our flight to Beijing, we watched the funnest little propaganda video on the airplane TVs. What a shame!

How to protect yourself from being attacked by the influenza A(H1N1)?
Swine flu comes from America
Spreads around the world
It’s true name is A(H1N1)
What a shame!
Someone say it due to pigs
Actually not all is my mistake
The virus comes from pig, bird and man
The variety virus is a little strong
It can be alive several hours
Breathing, contact and kissing
It’s infective!
Fever, cough and flowing nasal mucus
Don’t ignore the common symptoms
The virus all have a incubation period
Take care!
Because at present we lack the vaccine
We should prevent it ahead of time
Listen to me everybody, I’ll give you a
Wash your hands and take exercise frequently
Make a good habit of personal hygiene
Drink more water and have enough sleep
Very good!
If there were patients in the place where you live
Don’t have no purpose stroll outside
Don’t drill the crowd to join in the fun
Pay attention to the diet at home
The diet must be nutritive and comprehensive
The meal must certainly be boiled
Open the windows
Keep the air have a circulation
Decrease the possibility of catching the cold
Have a good mood is also important
No stress, no bother
Balance the body and mind
No illness
If you have a cough of sneezing
Estop your mouse and nose with paper
Throw the paper in the garbage can
Social morality
If we have a good prevention
The flu can’t seize you
Don’t be infected by the virus
Well done!
Although the epidemic situation is nervous
We should have a good mood
Learn more knowledge and make enough prevention

Check out the complete video with all the glorious animation:

Swine Flu Video (2:30 min)

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