November 16, 2009

Knock, Knock, Knock

This evening we were hanging out in the awesome apt 22 a the Mac where we've been living for a week and will be living for several more. Kanyon and I (M'Lynn) were in the middle of dancing to the SEEDS album (great Christian kids music).

Knock on the door...and it's Mr. President (of our company) and Mr. Chairman of the Board (both quickly visiting China before traveling elsewhere around Asia) wanting to know if they could come in and show the apartment to another man that's traveling with them! LOL. There were toys everywhere. A bowl of popcorn and other misc. snacks on the table. Laundry thrown over the chair...etc! Not exactly "open house" condition. But they were gracious and just stepped inside the living room.

It was super cool to see them and chat for a few minutes, but I keep laughing when I think about the mess they got to see! At least they know people make themselves at home here at the MAC!

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