November 6, 2009

2 Years 2 Weeks Early

Photo: The amazingly talented and dedicated M'Lynn does it again. This year with a "choo, choo" cake!

We celebrated Kanyon's birthday a good two weeks early this year so that we could celebrate here at home with our teammates. As M'Lynn says, "There's no way to have a cake like that unless you're at home."

I would agree. Baking, eating, and celebrating at home are much easier then trying to gather all the goods in a kitchen that's not your own.

After a rough couple of days Kanyon settled into the birthday party and quickly learned what it was all about: blowing candles (which he did twice because it was so much fun), eating cake (but only half a piece because of more exciting things to come), opening presents, and then playing with all the new toys (after taking them to Daddy to get them opened.

Then came time for the "big present" from us, a wiggle racer. He remembered immediately that he'd seen one of these before in the states this summer. He jumped on top and wiggled his way to the door to race up and down the hall. Be careful of little toes!

Other photos from the big day, click here.

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