October 24, 2009

Kanyon Speaks Out

We finally left our campus for a little bit to meet some friends for dinner. (Originally, I had posted that we would meet the friends for lunch, but plans did change and it was really dinner.) On the way home, we decided to hop in a taxi to make it home in time for Kanyon’s bedtime. The little guy love riding in a taxi. As soon as we walk toward the street, he is already waving his hand trying to flag down the first available ride.

Throughout the ride, he talks with the driver saying, “drive, car.” The driver seems to enjoy having Kanyon interaction so he passes some candy back to him. As we approach our campus, we give the directions to the driver to drive through the north gate 北门 “bei men.” Kanyon must have been listening because the whole drive through campus he repeated in the correct Harbin accent, “bei mer, bei mer” much to the driver’s delight. Next step, he’ll be translating all the Chinese conversations for us. We need to get to language school so we teach him Chinese not the other way around.

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