September 10, 2009

教师节 (International Teacher's Day)

To all the teachers, I hope you are having a great day since it is your day! In China, we celebrate Teacher's Day today (Sept 10). Usually there are some activities for the students to show their appreciation to the teachers, such as presenting gifts including cards and flowers. Younger students, mostly those in elementary, junior high, or high school don't have class today to honor their teachers. On the university campus, we still had class all day.

It is great to wake up and receive all kinds of text messages from my students: "Today is Teachers' day in China. I wish my teacher and your family's have a happy live everyday! Happy Teachers Day!" or "Happy Teachers' day! We, 061211 class, made you a card." The card was even stuffed with a carnation flower. (I used the flower again and gave it to M'Lynn!) These students are so sweet and I love teaching all of them. If you see a teacher today, offer them a flower or at least wish them a Happy Teachers' Day!

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