August 11, 2009

Volume 3, Issue 8

With 9 days remaining in our time in the states, we are reminded of all the wonderful people who are behind us supporting the work done in China. Each time we hear someone say how much they enjoy the newsletters or email updates, we are encouraged and spurred on to continue the work set before us.

During the summer, we traveled and spoke at numerous fellowships and other gatherings. We hope you guys enjoyed the talks and for those who weren’t able to make an event we hope to see you guys next year.


…to build relationships
We remain committed during the coming year to build relationships with our students, colleagues, and community members. Some of these relationships continue from last year and some will be new. Please remember these relationships especially with the group of 6 roommates we began last year, Zhou Jie our housekeeper, Summer a former student studying in Germany, all of our Pakistani friends and their families, and Young, a new relationship started at the end of the last term.

…to live as servants
Through the many activates during the year we live as servants of the Father, the school, and the students. We are looking forward to beginning some new activities for the students this coming year including more get-togethers with movies, food, games or other events. As well, we will continue to participate in the school events, English corner meetings, and office hours to provide any help we can to the students.

…to testify truth
In all we do in China, we are reminded of our Father and the way we are all called to testify truth in all things. As the semester progresses we will be able to see more clearly the ways truth can be incorporated into lessons, events and conversations. Please remember all the relationships asking for opportunities to testify truth and open hearts and minds to receive this truth.

…to serve in China
We are committed to serve in China long term and need your partnership. We are asking for more monthly and annual pledges that continue year after year. Currently we’ve raised 63% of our 2009-10 goal, lacking about $12,000 before we are fully funded. Please consider any way you can help. And thank you all for your support.

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