July 24, 2009

Halfway Home

We are halfway through this summer adventure and the fun hasn't stopped. We have made the tour around Texas as seen in the previous post, visited family, friends, and fellowships almost everyday since we have been home in the states. While in the states, we have been busy getting all our things in order.

First we had to check out this website to ensure that it would be up and running when we return to China. (Currently blogger, Facebook, and other media forms are blocked in China limited our ability to update these sites.) So if you have not already, please send your email address to us as that will be the best form of contact during the next year in China.

Second, we continue to stockpile the items we want to bring back with us to China. Some of the items purchased so far include: a Skype adapter to use a really phone with Skype, a kiddie toilet to begin potty training the first kid, measuring cups and spoons, potato masher, and we are currently looking for a good pastry knife.

Third, we checked into the doctor appointments that we must get done each summer. These include the optometrist for contacts, prenatal visits for Baby #2, and a trip to the health department to get the latest vaccinations for Kanyon.

Fourth, we are planning more events to make the most of our time here raising awareness for what we do in China. It has been a blast sharing the stories from the past year and we look forward to many more stories during the year to come.

Finally, we continue to hit up the restaurants grabbing all the good American food we live without in China. Added to the list recently: Murray's Deli, Rudy's Texas BBQ, Cracker Barrel, Carino's Italian food, Fuddrucker's, and Fazoli's. We haven't yet been to Chick-fil-a or Sonic, two must haves before we return.

Hope your summer is as great as ours. We have loved visiting each one of you and look forward to visiting everyone else soon.

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