June 25, 2009

Last Week To Do List

Here's the list of items we plan to tackle during the last week in Harbin before we jet back to the states for the summer:
  • Finish grading and turn in all the reports for seven classes
  • Rearrange the kid’s room to prepare for B2 to arrive in December
  • Eat jiaozi one last time
  • Team picnic at the Botanical Gardens
  • Buy supplies at Carrefour to be here when we return
  • Get a haircut
  • Shred all the unneeded papers
  • Have lunch with a student
  • Invite students to our house for one last goodbye
  • Finish one last newsletter (be expecting this in the mail sometime this summer)
  • Book speaking engagements with local fellowships
  • Arrange a ride to the airport
  • Replace the glass window in our bathroom
  • Charge all the electronics
  • Pack our luggage
  • Try to get some sleep to be ready for the flight home

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