June 5, 2009

Dragon Boat in Beijing

May 28th is Dragon Boat Festival in China, one of the recognized national holidays in which everyone gets the day off. So after for the break from classes, we headed south to Beijing for a little getaway. Took the overnight train to Beijing and had quite the experience with the little guy. He first made sure to check out everything on the train and there is a lot to check out (buttons for lights, windows, bunk mates, sliding doors, etc.). After being forced to sleep at 11 PM he would sweat and then wake up every 2 hours. When he woke up at 4 AM he was up for good because the sun’s up and it’s light outside.

The time in Beijing was great as we were able to see the doctor for our first prenatal visit, hangout with some friends, eat great Western food (read TGI Friday’s three times), check out IKEA, and see the Olympic sites (see the photo above of the National Stadium “Bird’s Nest”). It was a blast!

Most of the pictures are posted online here. Check them out! More updates will be coming as I plan to do some back posting when we get to the states since we are still locked out of our Blogger site from this side.

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