May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We just celebrated Memorial Day weekend in China (not that the day is celebrated here in China, or that we planned a special celebration just for the day). But the celebrated nonetheless. Saturday we went to a Children’s park in town with unlimited spinny-go-pukey rides and fair games. Since Kanyon is so small, he enjoyed watching all the others ride the rides and playing with the free merry-go-round. He absolutely loved the elevated car ride. While at the park he mastered the Chinese squat as seen in the photo.

And Sunday the celebration continued with a potluck picnic at the Forestry University in Harbin. We had all the goodies from cupcakes to KFC bucket chicken and potato salad. Again the weather was great and we enjoyed baseball, football, and Frisbee (all the good ole American summer games). Kanyon was super pumped to be outside playing and running around the whole picnic. He didn’t slow down once, not for food or water or nap, only to find the next person willing to play and the newest toy. We really enjoyed the weekend outside celebrating the holiday we didn’t really plan to celebrate. It was great!

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