May 2, 2009

May Holiday

With the weather being so nice and it being a holiday weekend, we hit the taxis and went down to Walking Street (Zhong Yang Da Jie), the largest shopping district in Harbin. We were not alone, we had some friends with us, and the crowds of other Chinese out enjoying the weather and holiday.

Leisurely strolling down the street was no problem. We had Kanyon leashed up with his monkey backpack and he enjoyed walking. We did have to be careful not to stop for too long or we would draw a rather large crowd. We did experience the crowds at their fullest until we stopped for a snack at a bench. For about 15 minutes we comfortably ate our banana bread muffins and drank some cold water. Then the crowds appeared with the camera phones out and ready to get the perfect picture of how they spent their holiday weekend!

Back to our feet and off we went walking again, but this time looking for some food. We could have stopped here (see below) to enjoy any number of things on a kabob but we trekked on.

Next stop was Pizza Hut where there was a 40 minute wait. So off to find another Pizza Hut we thought was near. Only one problem, there wasn't another Pizza Hut anywhere on the length of the street so we settled into "Oriental King of Dumplings" for lunch.

We could not have asked for a better time out and about enjoying the holiday weekend and the weather. We hope your weekend is just as great.

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