May 7, 2009

Lost in Translation

We went to Pizza Hut to fill one of M'Lynn's cravings. We tried to order a personal pan pizza for her because I was not eating and only wanted coffee. When the waiter came to our table we pointed to the personal pizza for 25 RMB and said, "We would like one of those."

"What about this one, it is bigger?" he responds as he point to the medium on the next page.

"No, we want the small one with no black olives."

"Are you sure, it is so small. The medium is much better!" he continues to press.

(While we are not sure what exactly was said, this is how the body language conversation as going at this point.)

"No, we want the small pizza. He is not eating, he is full." we manage to respond to the waiter using every last bit of language we have learned.

When the pizza arrives, it looks much larger then a personal pan pizza, but we say nothing. Then curiosity gets hold of us and we check out the receipt left at the table for the price of the pizza...66 RMB!! We had been had! Somewhere in the conversation we must have agreed to order the medium pizza or the waiter had been so convinced that we were both hungry he thought it best of order the medium.

We don't have enough language to be able to explain the whole mix up. (And our lack of language was what led to the whole confusion in the first place.) Being the true American we are, we ate the entire pizza!

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