April 24, 2009

Easter Videos

Just in time for May, we finally have the Easter videos up and running. Check out some of the action from our Easter morning and Egg hunt!

The morning of course starts with an Easter basket. Kaynon was filled with chocolates mailed from the states (thanks to the folks at the Southwest Collections Library). He immediately finds the best available piece and starts to chow down. After eating a whole chocolate bunny he is left feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Then we set off on the Easter egg hunt. It got off to a rocky start. After we had all the eggs "hidden" (some in plain site for the littlest kids), a man discovered he just hit the jackpot. He must have thought, "Some crazy foreigner left all these colored eggs laying around. I'll pick them up for them. What are they thinking?" After a bit of negotiation, we convinced him to leave the eggs for the children.

It took some time, but Kanyon, with the help of Andy, finds a hidden egg. He really started to get the hang of searching for the eggs. Then he's off to find the next one. Most time when Kanyon found an egg, he would pick it up and throw it. After a little training, he finally learns what to do when he finds an Easter egg.

Easter Video (2:56 min)

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