March 20, 2009

Walk in the Park

I forgot how quickly we can draw a crowd in China. We went for a walk this afternoon because the weather has finally warmed up some and ended up in a nice little park near our apartment. After trudging through the melting snow and puddles, we found the open courtyard where all the young children went to play (more or less walk around). We took Kanyon out of the stroller and let him roam.

Within 1 minute we had about 10 people surrounding him as he walked. Given another minute, we had 20 people all asking the same questions: "How old is he?" "Where are you from?" "What do you do?" or "Is he cold?"

The little guy loved most of the attention, but would always hit at people as the came up to look at him. I guess teaching the boy to high-five wasn't the greatest idea. Then the fun started when a college student came over with a basketball. Kanyon loves basketballs! He followed the guy after he left and continue crying looking over his shoulder for the basketball player when we were trying to leave.

Kanyon finally fell asleep as we strolled to the noodle shop for some supper. As he slept, we continued to receive good intentioned advice about keeping the baby warm so he wouldn't catch a cold.

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