March 30, 2009

Lack of posting explained

Posting in March has been sporadic at best. I noticed today that I have half as many posts this month as I did in February (March=6, Feb=12) and there is only one day left. Most of this is because March is the first month back teaching. Let me give you a quick rundown of the schedule for the past week.

Monday: Teach lessons all morning, come home for lunch before heading back outside to make some copies and go shopping with M'Lynn.

Tuesday: Teach classes all morning, have a teacher's lunch, return home for a date with M'Lynn before having a team thinking time in the evening.

Wednesday: Have the morning free from classes, but use the time to do the next week's lessons and man the English Library we have in our teaching office; go to the restaurant to order food to bring back for lunch; attend a guy's time weekly afternoon meeting to discuss man issues; host some young professionals for a small group discussion in the evening.

Thursday: Teach classes all morning; come home for lunch; attend a team meeting all afternoon for business discussions, personal discussions, and reflection; have dinner with students in a large banquet room until 9 pm.

Friday: Teach classes all morning; buy lunch on the way home; and rest in the afternoon and evening.

Saturday: a day of rest before the week begins again (but don't forget to work on your IRS e-file taxes).

Sunday: Morning fellowship and dinner together as a team; quickly out to make copies in the afternoon before the students come over at 3; host students and make some great little lemon bars; crash Andy's party to interact with the students he is hosting.

Monday: begin again...

I wouldn't change a thing about the schedule. We really have seen the student interaction pick up this term and are thankful for all your thoughts on this. We look forward to sharing more of the stories when we see you guys this summer.

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