February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Traditions

Each year we head out early on Valentine's Day for what has become a family tradition: breakfast together. We typically head to a place that has a breakfast buffet, i.e., Golden Corral, but there are not any restaurants like that in Harbin. We settled for McDonald's. We were quite surprised to fine a great little breakfast menu and ate up our egg McMuffin, hash brown, and coffee.

Valentine's Day evening is another strange little family tradition: pizza for dinner. We'll have to see about ordering a pizza tonight.

UPDATE: While we didn't order pizza for dinner, we did buy all the ingredients to make a pretty good one instead. The tradition lives on!

Here's our homemade pizza. It was just a little different with onions, mushrooms, hamburger meat, Chinese sausage, and of course loads of mozzarella cheese.

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Anonymous said...

So did you find a pizza?

Kelly Lawson

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