February 26, 2009

Six hours of fun for 100 RMB

The 24th Winter Universiade are coming to a close here in Harbin so we went to check out one last event, the ladies' figure skating finals.

The event was great. (though I should probably let the lady describe all the outfits, routines, dances, and music) I will say the event was not too bad. Although the first couple of performances were lacking, the top performers were definitely good at skating. We got our money's worth as we watched skating from 2:30-8:30 PM, saw the Zamboni 3 times, and a new event described later.

Kanyon was the hit of the show. From the moment we found our seats near the top of the arena, all eyes were on Kanyon. He flirted with the girls around him, received a toy car from a stranger, and was even offered some chocolate candy. We learned later the chocolate candy was more than just chocolate as it was filled with liquor. (Good thing he only ate one candy. He did take a nap shortly after this too, coincidence?)

The show of the night was actually something we didn't know existed, synchronized skating. 16 skaters (I would say ladies, but Team Russia did have one guy) took the ice and performed their routine, much like a drill team or cheerleaders on ice. We then picked up some souvenirs like a good foreign tourist and headed out into the cold to return home. (FYI the temp that night was -8 with a wind chill of -21, by far the coldest night we have been out in.)

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