February 18, 2009

Frozen Soft Serve

We were walking around outside yesterday on a day much too cold to be outside. After lunch, I suggested to get some ice cream from KFC (btw they have some of the best ice cream and sundaes in all of China). I bought the ice cream cones and headed back outside. The funny thing is that the ice cream actually freezes more outside and feels a little warm as you eat it because it is actually a little warmer than the air temperature.

Upside-down ice cream reminded us of the great DQ Blizzards we ate on every road trip anywhere in Texas. I guess M'Lynn was a little scared hers might fall out so it's not completely upside-down. But not to worry, it was really cold outside there's no chance it will fall out!

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Anonymous said...

MAN that's cold!!!! WOW!


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