February 21, 2009

Canada 13, China 0

We went to a live sporting event for the first time in China. It was great getting back into the crowd and watching the hockey players go at it. We were watching Canada play China in ice hockey and we cheering for both teams. We have Canadian friends and of course we love China too. The place would go nuts each time China has a remote chance to score.

Read the summary of the game as reported online.

CAN - CHN 13-0 (2-0, 8-0, 3-0)
Host China, clearly motivated by the near capacity crowd of 2,200 at the Skating Gym of the Heiljongjang Institute for Physical Education, could withhold most of the attacks of title defender Canada only allowing two goals in the first period. However, they slacked in the second and the Canadians took advantage of their weakness and lit the backlight eight times. In the last period the Canucks drilled another three past goalie Xie Ming. (original article here)

The game wasn't even close, but the Chinese goalie did a great job of competing. He was under constant attack by the Canadian offense.

We enjoyed the game so much we might go back for more. But for now the next event on tap is some ladies figure skating finals.

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