January 12, 2009

It's Not Pink, It's Light Red

Proud and Unashamed

My parents came to visit us in 2005 when we were in Nanchang. While giving them a tour of the campus, our favorite student rode up on his brand new bike. He was so proud of the purchase he was showing it off to everyone. The bike still had the plastic wrap and other packaging on, it was so new. Only one thing was strange about the bike. It was PINK. My parents sure got a kick out of seeing a boy riding a hot pink bike without thinking twice.

I must have been in China long enough to have adopted some of the traits. I unashamedly carried around my bag of groceries home from the market today in a PINK bag. But really it's not pink, it's just light red!

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rholloway said...

Whatever Man! That's as pink as pink gets!

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