December 28, 2008

Tonka Truck Traffic Jam

I am having way too much fun playing with the Tonka truck set that Kanyon got for Christmas. The trucks make for a great demonstration of the differences between China, the USA, and our hometowns.

Exhibit #1: Traffic Jam in New York, NY

Notice how orderly all the cars are. Each car stays in its own lane and even uses blinkers on occassion to change lanes.

Exhibit #2: Traffic Jam in China

Notice the lanes have no meaning in China. Most of the traffic rules we have grown accustom to are now more like "guidelines" as Capt. Jack Sparrow would say. A person can drive their car in any manner they choose as long as you don't hit the other cars.

Exhibit #3: Traffic Jam in Garden City, TX

Notice the number of cars on the road, there's not another car for miles but somehow you find yourself stuck behind a slow moving tractor with no way around. Welcome to the middle of nowhere.

Exhibit #4: Traffic Jam in Quitaque, TX

Same as the previous jam only this time with a turkey because of the Caprock and wild animals everywhere on the roads. This would have worked better with a deer, or maybe even in Turkey, TX.

Exhibit #5: Traffic Jam coming home from a Friday Night Football Game

This one's a fun bonus traffic jam. Notice the number of cars heading in one direction and the end of the line is nowhere to be found. Yet somehow one lonely car finds itself heading in the opposite direction.

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