November 17, 2008

Rocking Horse

Kanyon celebrated his first birthday party on Sunday. His birthday is not for a couple of days, but due to scheduling conflicts (yes, even a 1 year old have a schedule that creates conflicts) we held the party early. For his birthday, we got him a great little rocking horse. He immediately jumped on the horse (with help of course) and started rocking. We got a kick out of watching Kanyon play, and and even bigger kick out of the instructions.

Check these "Chinglish" instructions for the rocking horse:

How to play this game safely?
1. Please help kid to seat on the rocking horse and grab the spanners on the horse head while move his or her body forward to make the rocking horse shake accordingly.
2. For younger kid, please guide him or her to grab the spanners as tight as possible and let kid have basic idea on self protection.
3. Please pay attention on kid's balance and coordination of body and extremities as well as control the speed and scope while playing.

Suggestions & Recommendations
1. It is necessary for kids to practice rocking, turning and jumping if they seldom crawl in babyhood so as to develop the balance of body.
2. Guide kids to grab the spanners and control the speed and scope while playing in order to stimulate the consciousness of self protection as well as make preparation for riding tricycles.
3. Please offer enough protection before kids can play this toy totally by themselves.
4. Please provide guidance and patience if kids scared to play as well as give compliments for their achievements.

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