November 22, 2008

How to find turkey in China?

We celebrated a day of thanks today with many of our international friends here in Harbin. It was great to be able to share the day with so many different people from different places. What an incredible sight to see all of the Father's children together celebrating the great gifts from above. We are always encouraged with a group such as this as we all have the same heart for Harbin.

The meal was great, much like an ordinary potluck meal in the states. We did have turkey for the big day. Now comes the question:

How to find turkey in China?

Our friends at another university we walking out of their favorite Korean restaurant when they saw a sight like no other. Across the street was a man who had 4 turkeys roaming around. They went to talk to him and learned that these turkeys were his pets. After some bargaining they agreed to return later. Time goes by and the man decided it would be alright to sell the turkey for a price. But one catch, he would not clean or feather the turkey. After all, it was his pet! The friends found another lady that would do the cleaning and vola turkey for Thanksgiving.

We did ask if our friends got to choose the turkey from the 4 or if the Chinese man decided himself which turkey had been acting up recently and thus was least favorite. They did in fact get to choose the turkey. And they picked a good one!

After all this taking the pet turkey for a great meal, the Chinese man returns to say that any time you need a turkey, stop by and pick one out.

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