October 17, 2008

Weekend in China

Last weekend, we had the typical day in China. We loaded up into a taxi, 4 adults plus Kanyon and a driver, and headed across town. We arrived a a local eatery called Hamamas. This place rocks. It is both a coffee house and western restaurant. Hamamas has your coffee drinks (cappuccinos, espressos, macchiatos, mochas, etc.) plus western food (double cheese burgers, BLTs, giant philly cheese steak sandwiches, pot pies, and more).

After Hamamas, we went to play basketball at another campus, Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), with some of our teacher friends from the same company. As foreigners, there is always a game waiting for us. Luckily, we had a group of foreigners, so we could take turns on the court and not be too exhausted. We played and played rotating in and out of the line up. Chinese basketball is much like the NBA, everyone dribbles around and throws up so wild shots. Funny thing is that most of the students have gotten good at the crazy wild shots and will make most of them when there should be no way.

Basketball ends and we head up to our friend's apartment and watch some students try to assemble a corner shelf. After much debate and direction reading and waiting for the hammer, the shelve gets assembled. We go out to eat with our friends and their student before heading back home by taxi.

It feels great to get out with students in their environment. We are hoping for more and more opportunities to be with students, either our own or others. Playing and talking with students is the reason we are here, we're hear for them.

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