October 5, 2008

Market Street Shopping

Shopping on the market street in China is a great cultural experience. We didn't quite feel settled into our new apartments until we found the nearest fruit and vegetable vendors. Within the first week, we found two different markets.

The second market street is further from our home and was quite the experience. First, we bought some semi-sweet mini rolls for Kanyon to eat. He nibbled on two and we ate the rest between M'Lynn and I. Next up on the street were some awesome flan. Maybe it's more of a European custard, but we saw these in Paris and hadn't seen them since. I picked up two of these to munch on (absolutely the perfect snack if you ignore all the calories) as we continued the walk. Next up, some moving silk worms. Maybe not silk worms, but they are as large as snails and were all still alive and moving. You could choose between the white or the brown worms/snail-like thingies. We were so shocked to see these that we forgot to take the picture. Maybe we'll leave that for another day. Finally up the street is the corn vendor. Andy picked up 3 ears of boiled corn (you can also buy the roasted variety fresh off the grill).

Anytime you're in China, we'll take you down the local market street and see what kind of goodies you choose along the way.

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